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A creative strategy consultancy focusing on the economic potential of the creative industries, diversity and gender to drive value. We tap into our personal experience and expertise to help others succeed.


The Book “Innovations and Trends in the Creative Industries in Latin America and The Caribbean” looks to broaden the visibility of creatives and innovators in the region.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most recent project, the publication Orange Economy: Innovations and Trends in the Creative Industries in Latin America and The Caribbean, for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

With this work, we hope to shed light on the role of innovation in business especially in the creative sectors. We showcase the types of enterprises driving change, and the doers behind them. The goal is to influence a shift in the way we think of creativity in business and the impact that we can make.

we leverage creativity for business success


Design Thinking for Innovation

Innovation is the word of the moment, but how we get to it may still be hard to grasp.

We bring proprietary methods and tools that uncover solutions to existing problems or, even better, new possibilities. The outcomes take all shapes and forms; from new models and strategic approaches to products and services. Design thinking is at the heart of our process, because we’ve found it to be helpful in engaging multidisciplinary teams, diverse industries and sectors.

BoBC Workshop Series

With the right tools anyone can leverage creativity for business success.

We have translated our methods, tools and first-hand experience into the Business of Being Creative (BoBC) – a series of agile workshops that benefit the entrepreneurial community out there. Solo-preneurs are no longer solo in bridging their gap between creative genius and business know-how.  We are here to help them connect with a like-minded community looking  to generate value from their ideas.

Women’s Creative Entrepreneurship

Because it’s our time – and by ours we mean that the future is female.

Women are nearly 47% of the US workforce, while more of us are also driving global entrepreneurship. But even with that, we still face numerous challenges in our road to business success.

The ChicaPReneurs platform was ignited by our personal passion and need to generate knowledge and discussion on these challenges. It serves to amplify our voices, offer visibility and support. We bring together go-getters, doers and influencers, and tap into this pool of experience to gather insights that help further advance the cause.

Good thing is that are not alone…empowering women and promoting gender equality is crucial to accelerating sustainable development, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Policy & Multi-Sector Collaborations

The creative economy continues to get worldwide attention for its huge potential in the global economy.

We are talking about the activities that trade with creativity, knowledge and information – everything that matters to us. And at the heart of all this is policy making, involving multi-sector collaborations between governments, private sector and academia. If it sounds challenging its because it is.

In Puerto Rico, our home country, we had the chance to explore this approach with the Creative Economy Initiative. It led to spearhead recent legislation on the Island in support of the development of the creative industries. The work done extends from the communities and businesses on the ground, all the way to municipal and central government. This provided us with a toolkit of replicable best practices, and strategies to help others unlock the potential of this booming sector.

New Models for Social Impact

Our commitment to generating impact via creativity leads to finding new ways to make things happen.  

We are do’ers, inspired by people who do what they love. That’s why our work extends to local initiatives like Puerto Rico Diseña where we collaborated with small brands and producers to unlock the market potential of creativity.  Through ideation models and creative community engagement we do more than just develop concepts, we actually go out there and implement them. Our aim is to generate impact that extends beyond the surrounding communities to society at large. Our field work experience ranges from commercial platforms, and curating exhibitions, to designing events and creating content that promotes local talent wherever we are. 

our mantra is


start by doing

start by doing


  • Developing in-house capabilities
  • Supporting on skill building and training
  • Customized sessions, projects and applications

our process

  • Leverages multidisciplinary skills and design thinking
  • A guided collaborative process
  • Adaptable to industries and sectors
  • Translates complex processes into agile methods
  • Fosters a safe zone where experimentation is encouraged and creativity is nurtured



We are creative entrepreneurs; equal parts strategists and storytellers, our team’s strength is the combination of our personal and professional experience and diversity. Our mission is to unlock the business potential of creativity within a range of sectors by leveraging proven and proprietary methods, building communities and empowering individuals.

Michelle Peerez Kenderish


Michelle is a communications and creative strategy consultant. Her expertise is in designing messages that connect and engage people to ideas in a meaningful way by integrating strategic business thinking and a strong aesthetic and creative viewpoint, into cohesive media across platforms.

An advocate and creative community catalyst in Puerto Rico, where she served on the Council for the Creative Industries, Michelle has dedicated the last three years to leading a design development initiative as the founder of Puerto Rico Diseña. Her career is distinguished by a unique combination of disciplines from International Development to Television Entertainment having worked for the Inter-American Development Bank, the Multilateral Investment Fund, and for media giants HBO and Discovery Networks.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Latin American Studies from Boston University, a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Marketing from Thunderbird, The School of Global Management and has completed design studies at the Corcoran School of Art+Design, New York University and the Parson’s School of Design.

Dyanis De Jesus


Dyanis is a creative strategy consultant with over fifteen years of experience ranging from business development and innovation to creative services in marketing and communications. She is also well-versed in Triple Bottom Line, a sustainability approach that equally considers social, cultural, and environmental factors at the core of projects. For the past five years Dyanis has been advocating for the cultural and creative industries as key contributors to economic development. In 2012 she completed her thesis, “Designing Sustainability into Creative Economies”, and co-founded the Creative Economy Initiative in her home country Puerto Rico. She has been able to bring the topic to public awareness via research, education and key partnerships with public and private sectors. This work has influenced international collaborations in different cities of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as New York City where she is now established.

Dyanis holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Design Management from Pratt Institute, New York where she now serves as visiting professor and thesis advisor for the Graduate Program of Arts, Cultural and Design Management.